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Frequently Asked Questions


What makes Deerfield Equestrian Farm different from the other facilities in the area?

Deerfield Equestrian Farm offers 2 outdoor sand rings. One ring is set with a competition style hunter course and the second with a competition level jumper course designed by our in-house FEI and EC Senior National Course Designer, Grant Field.  The heated indoor ring is 60 x 185.  With paddocks, an indoor Euro Walker, and a hacking trail around the 30 acre hay field completing the property, horses and riders will have ample opportunities for exercise, enjoyment and training!

Do you offer pasture board?

Our focus is to serve competition oriented horses and riders. We do not offer pasture board. 

Do you offer trail rides?

We do not

Do you need your own horse?

All students will to own or lease their own horse. I am equipped to help you find the right partner to pursue your goals. 

Does Deerfield Equestrian Farm offer horse training?

Yes, I can train your horse towards partnering with yourself or finding a new partner. 

Are outside trainers/coaches welcome?

Although there is an opportunity for a professional coach/trainer to make arrangements to rent dry stalls and operate a training/coaching business at Deerfield Equestrian Farm, there will be no other opportunity offered to outside coaches/trainers. 

What feed program is offered?

I have a custom mix grain that I have been using for 30 years with great results. I make most, if not all, of my own hay on property. There is a limited owner supplied supplement service offered. 

Can I ship in for lessons?

Appointments made in advance are welcome.

Can I meet you at the horse shows for coaching?

Yes, and, if you like, you can arrange full care at shows as well. 

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